An Ihrer Seite mit fürsorglicher Begleitung

Our service also in English

Some of our employees are bilingual, which is why we can offer you to have the counseling talk in your native language in order to set up the funeral
preparation and the funeral service. Please note that German is spoken at first contact, though. We will then try to put you together with the right staff
member as quickly as possible.

Our range of services

  1. Full funeral service with burials (casket and urn) in all German cemeteries, for all religious affiliations and ideologies
  2. Burials at sea and in nature
  3. Transfers from/to abroad (both casket and urn)
  4. Funerals financially supported by social welfare
  5. Printed death notifications and obituaries
  6. Floristry
  7. Stonemason
  8. Grave maintenance
  9. Funeral insurance
  10. Funeral prevention